Man In Room 301

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A six-part psychological thriller about the Kurtti family, whose lives change irreversibly one Midsummer day. The strength of the family-bond is tested years later, when the secrets of that fateful summer begin to unravel during a family-holiday in Greece. They are all forced to question themselves, how far would you go for your loved ones?

S1 E1: Letter
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S1 E1: Letter
In 2019, twelve years after the tragic death of his grandson Tommi, Risto Kurtti receives a mysterious letter at his home in Helsinki. In 2007, the family arrives for Midsummer celebrations down by the lake – much to the interest of local boy Elias L...
Jussi Vatanen, Andre Alén, Antti Virmavirta, Leena P?ysti, Kreeta Salminen